After-Hours Building Rental

We rent out the entire building for after-hours private and public events. The best way to communicate with us is in person or via email at


Available: 6pm-8pm

Rental fee: $350


General Notes:

  • Does not include drinks   

    • Drinks start at $5 per person, but can reduce based on guest count 

    • If a lower cost per drink is desired, a custom limited menu can help to reduce

  • We can cater the event with any of our shop options (catering menu available if needed) 

    • You may bring in outside food if you choose, upon approval by management

  • You may arrange the space however you wish, however, it must be reset back when event is finished.  Please no dragging tables and chairs, as this will damage the floors

  • If in the event of any damage done to the space, we will evaluate and determine the plan to move forward

  • No taping, tacking, or hanging articles decor on the walls or ceiling


**Please give us as much notice as possible to insure availability.

Note: All events must adhere to current state & local guidance for attendance and social distancing.