Rewards are Back!


Redeem 50 Stars


Brewed Coffee


Loose Leaf Tea


Lucabe Sticker

A fast and easy pick me up! We all need a little pep in our step now and again.


Redeem 125 Stars


Drink Plus One Modifier


Baked Good

Your favorite latte with delicious oat milk or an extra shot. Or the perfect baked good to start your morning!


Redeem 200 Stars


Acai Bowl


Select Mug


Breakfast Sandwich

Pair your drink with one of our delicious options to complete your breakfast!


Redeem 350 Stars


Coffee Beans



Take your coffee home and enjoy coffee from your couch.


Redeem 500 Stars


Mug +

Coffee Beans +


That's right! For 500 stars you can take home a nice new Lucabe mug, a bag of delicious beans, and a sticker!


Redeem 1000 Stars


Coffee +

Scones +

Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast and coffee for you and 6 friends!  And the best part? We'll bring it to you!!!

(Delivered in Columbus Only)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

We are so excited to bring rewards back and we are sure you're just as happy! We would kindly ask for you to make a purchase of $3.00 with the redemption of your rewards. This isn't a permanent solution, but a temporary one to help us continue to serve ya'll delicious coffee!!

Can I combine multiple rewards on a single purchase?

   Only a single reward can be redeemed on a purchase

Can I use my rewards on a curbside order?

   You can! As long as the card you are using is linked with your account, you will be prompted to use your rewards at the payment selection screen. So our helpful tip is to use the same card you typically use at Lucabe and you should be good to go.

Why do I need to make a minimum $3 purchase with my earned reward?

   This is only a temporary solution to the possible overwhelming reward redemptions. Once rewards redemptions level off to a normal level we will remove this minimum purchase ask.

What are ways I can use my rewards to "pay it forward"?

   You can gift your reward to others by just telling your barista. Whomever is on register can help pay it forward with a free drink for a new mom,  a pastry for the next person in line, a brew for someone who forgot their wallet, and honestly the sky's the limit on your creativity. We are excited to work with you to find ways to serve and love others in our community. 

How do I earn stars for rewards? 

   First you must sign up for our rewards program with your phone number. If you pay cash you will enter your phone number in at the time of purchase in store. If you sign up and use a card your stars will be linked to that card or cards and phone number. Stars can be redeemed and accumulated through online purchasing on our online ordering system. As far as how to earn stars, every dollar spent (pretax) is one star earned. This excludes purchases being shipped.

Do stars expire?

   Our customers stuck with us as we paused rewards and many accumulated hundreds of stars. We want to honor your commitment to us. In short, as of now they do not expire.

Rewards Details:

Standard Rewards:

50 Stars

You may redeem 50 Stars for any size of Brewed Coffee or Loose Leaf Tea. Cream or sugar is on the house. Other modifiers, such as a shot of espresso or super food shot, do cost extra though or you could bump your order up to 125 Stars for that modifier to be covered. Just let your barista know at the register. 

125 Stars

You may redeem 125 Stars for any size drink with a modifier. What that modifier means is an additional shot of espresso, dairy free milk, extra syrup, or a super food shot. We have added this tier to help make things easier on everyone for those with dairy allergies or people who need an extra pick me up in the morning. You may also redeem 125 stars for any of our amazing baked goods. The perfect way to start the day.

200 Stars

You may redeem 200 Stars for an Acai Bowl, a Breakfast Sandwich, or select Lucabe mugs. Our Acai Bowls are a delicious, healthy breakfast option for anyone on the go. Our current Breakfast Sandwich selection is our Havarti Caprese vegetarian sandwich and our Breakfast Croissant. For our select mugs, your current selections are our black and white terra cotta mug and the metal camp mug.

350 Stars

You may redeem 350 Stars for a bag of Coffee Beans or a T-Shirt. You can select any bag of beans for your redemption. We highly recommend our Papua New Guinea or Columbia San Antonio. Or it's also the perfect time to pick up a brand new Lucabe T-Shirt so you look great at that next Zoom meeting.

Limited Time Rewards:

500 Stars

You may redeem 500 Stars for a Lucabe mug, a bag of Coffee Beans, and a Sticker that we will put in one of our Lucabe gift boxes for you. This tier is a special, limited time tier to help you pick up a gift for a friend or to enjoy yourself at home. Perfect for Valentines Day. These limited time rewards on ones we will switch out on occasion to offer some very exciting options for.

1000 Stars

You may redeem 1000 Stars for Coffee, Scones, and Breakfast sandwiches for 6 people. This is the perfect reward to share with a team at work or for your family at home. You will be able to choose which flavor of scone and which breakfast sandwiches you'd like. Feel free to mix and match them as well. We will also deliver this amazing breakfast to your door step (within Columbus only).