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Our Rewards - Simple Stars!

For every dollar spent, a star is added to your account. 

When you collect 30 stars, you can redeem that for $1off your order,

up to $10 off your order. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

In 2021, we made several modifications to our rewards program, to allow for more flexibility, but feedback we received over the past year was that it was too complex to understand the tier-structure we introduced - so we decided to simplify it and open up even greater applicability!


Introducing ⭐️ Simple Stars ⭐️, our updated and simplified way to collect and redeem loyalty rewards at Lucabe. 

Can I combine multiple rewards on a single purchase?

Only a single reward can be redeemed on a purchase, but based on the amount of stars you desire to redeem, you may apply up to a maximum of a $10 discount on your order.

Can I use my rewards on a curbside order?

You can! As long as the card you are using is linked with your account, you will be prompted to use your rewards at the payment selection screen. So our helpful tip is to use the same card you typically use at Lucabe and you should be good to go.

What are ways I can use my rewards to "pay it forward"?

You can gift your reward to others by just telling your barista. Whomever is on register can help pay it forward with a free drink for a new mom,  a pastry for the next person in line, a brew for someone who forgot their wallet, and honestly the sky's the limit on your creativity. We are excited to work with you to find ways to serve and love others in our community. 

How do I earn stars for rewards? 

First you must sign up for our rewards program with your phone number. If you pay cash you will enter your phone number in at the time of purchase in store. If you sign up and use a card your stars will be linked to that card or cards and phone number. Stars can be redeemed and accumulated through online purchasing on our online ordering system. As far as how to earn stars, every dollar spent (pretax) is one star earned. This excludes purchases being shipped.

Do stars expire?

Beginning July 1, unused stars that have accumulated more than 18-months will expire.  The system should send you a communication in advance of star expiration as a reminder!

Rewards Details:

Redemption Levels

  30 Stars = $  1 off

  60 Stars = $  2 off

  90 Stars = $  3 off

120 Stars = $  4 off

150 Stars = $  5 off

180 Stars = $  6 off

210 Stars = $  7 off

240 Stars = $  8 off

270 Stars = $  9 off

300 Stars = $10 off

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